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Harnessing the Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Dieticians and doctors are raving about the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, but what is at the heart of this dietary lifestyle? The olive. of Olive oil has graced dinner tables and fueled healthy lives for centuries. Its potent essence is now captured in Total Olive® capsules–a concentrated burst of the Mediterranean’s best.

Olive Oil: A Humble Drupe Boasting A Famed History

The olive tree, believed to be created by the goddess Athena, has been important throughout history. People have used olive oil for cooking, perfume, rituals, and lighting. Nobles believed olive oil was magic for their bodies, so it was a prized staple

In the Mediterranean, olive oil is also famous for keeping hair, skin, and the whole body healthy. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra loved using this “nectar of the Gods” for its awesome skin effects. 

In ancient Greece, athletes used it on their bodies. Other Greeks, like Hippocrates, called it “the great healer.” The poet Homer referred to it as “liquid gold.” While, the physician Galen praised its health benefits. 

What makes Total Olive™ the Cream of the Crop?

Pristine Andalusian Olives: Southern Spain’s ideal climate grows one of the best olives globally. They are nurtured in a pesticide-free environment. This setting preserves their natural goodness and potency. 

Maximum Strength Polyphenols: Total Olive™  delivers a potent dose of polyphenols like oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. These compounds are renowned for their antioxidant properties. It makes Total Olive™ 28 times more potent than blueberries. Moreover, these polyphenols are the driving force behind the health-promoting properties of olives. They also offer anti-inflammatory and brain-protective action.

Potency & Calorie-Free Benefits: With Total Olive™, you can enjoy the advantages of olive oil without the extra calories. One capsule equates to the polyphenols found in ⅔ liter of premium European olive oil. It boasts a 68,000 ORAC value! Thus, this extract is a powerhouse, amplifying the health benefits of Total Olive™.

Optimized Absorption: Imagine squeezing all the good stuff out of olive leaves using fizzy air instead of heat or chemicals. That’s what supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is like. It gets you the most potent olive leaf goodness. Total Olive™ harnesses the most effective CO2 extraction method to offer a superior olive extract. Also, thanks to the inclusion of patented BioPerine™ black pepper extract. It ensures that your body absorbs these nutrients effectively.

The Richness of Olive Oil Beyond Belief

Olive supports various aspects of health. Some of them include the following:

  • Immune system strength: Polyunsaturated fatty acids in olive oil can help calm the immune system. It is suitable for people with inflammation problems. But it doesn’t weaken their defense against germs. Olive oil, a big part of the Mediterranean diet, can balance and strengthen your immune system. It also reduces stress in your body, lowering the risk of health conditions like COVID-19.
  • Balanced blood pressure: Olive oil can help lower high blood pressure. It is likely due to its oleic acid and antioxidant polyphenols. It’s a favorable choice for managing high blood pressure, whether you’re generally healthy or have heart issues. Olive leaf extract also helps lower adults’ blood fats (triglycerides) and blood pressure. It works for people with high blood pressure and those with a normal body weight.
  • Heart health: Eating olive oil can lower the risk of heart problems and even help you live longer. Having up to 20 grams a day is good. But more than that, it doesn’t add extra benefits. It supports advice to choose olive oil over other fats for better health. 
  • Brain function: Olive oil can help older adults think better or stay sharp. Moreover, it may lower the chance of memory problems over time. It contains certain substances that slow down memory loss. Olive oil also protects your cells from damage and improves brain functions like speech and learning. 
  • Joint wellness: Olive and its products could help prevent joint damage from osteoarthritis. They reduce inflammation and have antioxidant effects. A special component, hydroxytyrosol, may help keep cartilage cells healthy. Also, olive extracts, taken by mouth or applied to the skin, can lessen pain and improve joint function. 


Total Olive™  encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean diet. It offers a potent calorie-free alternative to olive oil. Its high concentration of polyphenols, sourced from the best Spanish olives, provides extensive health benefits. Adding Total Olive™  into your daily regimen can support overall well-being, mirroring the renowned health effects of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Speak with a healthcare professional if you intend to take this supplement.

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