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Everything You Need to Know About Plant-Based Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2

Ever feel like there’s just not enough sunshine in the day? What if you could capture its benefits in a tiny drop? That’s precisely what Plant-Vitamin D3 & K2™ offers. This dynamic duo of essential nutrients is like a double punch for your health beyond just sunshine vibes. Its unique formulation combines vital vitamins in an organic, plant-based form. It offers a natural path to maintaining health.

Vitamin D3: The Sunshine Vitamin

Imagine your body soaking up the summer sun, naturally producing a key nutrient called Vitamin D3. This powerhouse vitamin helps:

  • Bones stay strong: Higher vitamin D often means better bone health.
  • Mood remains sunny: Vitamin D supplements might help ease depression.
  • Immune system stays on guard: Not getting enough can lead to immune problems. It also helps your immune system fight germs
  • Body healthy:  Vitamin D impacts genes, inflammation, and gut health. It might help prevent or remedy health issues.

However, only some get enough sun exposure, leading to potential deficiencies. That’s where plant-based Vitamin D3 shines. Scientists found that certain tiny algae, when exposed to UV light, can make vitamin D3. 

Derived from algae, a natural and sustainable source, a vegan-friendly D3 is gentle on your stomach and easy for your body to absorb. Unlike animal-derived D3, it’s free from unwanted ingredients. At the same time, it’s a pure and potent choice for everyone.

Vitamin K2: The Key to Calcium Regulation

D3 vitamin doesn’t work alone; enter Vitamin K2, its ally. On its own, Vitamin K2 is crucial for your health, according to science:

  • Strengthen bones:  Vitamin K2 makes bones stronger and denser. It reduces the risk of breaks and helps keep calcium in bones instead of losing it in urine.
  • Promote heart health: Vitamin K2 can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It activates specific proteins, preventing blood vessel cells from dying and turning to calcium.
  • Prevent calcium build-up in the arteries: Vitamin K2 prevents the movement of calcium from bones to other tissues, causing them to harden.
  • Help with blood clotting: Taking the recommended amount of Vitamin K (MK-7) doesn’t mess with blood clotting in healthy people. It’s safe to help prevent bone and heart conditions without worrying about blood clotting issues.
  • Ease menopause symptoms: Vitamin K2 works well with D3 vitamin and other nutrients to help keep bones and hearts healthy in older women.

Vitamins D and K are crucial for managing calcium in your body. Vitamin D helps make proteins that need vitamin K to work right. Their synergy keeps bones and other parts of your body healthy. There are different types of K2, and all-trans MK7 is best. This 100% bioactive form is like a master key, unlocking the full potential of the D3 vitamin. 

Why Go For Organic Plant-Based Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2?

  • Enhanced Absorption: Experts suggest that the sublingual absorption of Vitamin D3 & K2 is more efficient than traditional oral capsules. Taking D3 vitamins under the tongue is a good way for people to get their vitamin D levels up, especially if they can’t absorb it well from pills. Your body gets more of the nutrients it needs faster and more effectively.
  • High Potency: Together, Vitamins D3 and K2 work synergistically. While vitamin D3 aids calcium absorption, Vitamin K2 ensures calcium is directed to the bones. It reduces the risk of calcium buildup in arteries and other soft tissues. Each Plant-Vitamin D3 & K2™ dose contains 5,000 IU of D3 vitamin and 120 mcg of Vitamin K2. This amount significantly boosts your daily needs. 
  • 100% BioActive Form: The all-trans MK7 (MenaQ7®) form of Vitamin K2 in Plant-Vitamin D3 & K2™ is a fully bioactive gold standard. It ensures your body can easily absorb and use it. Vitamin K2 is derived from chickpeas, making it a completely plant-based option.

Key Takeaway

Plant-Vitamin D3 & Vitamin K2™ offers a natural, effective way to support bone, mood, and heart health. This unique combination of algae-derived D3 vitamin and chickpea-sourced Vitamin K2 in the all-trans MK7 form ensures maximum absorption and efficacy. By choosing this plant-based, sublingual formula, your body receives these essential nutrients in the most bioavailable form. Speak with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and guidance.

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